Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to imitate Jesus

The scope for freedom is the made up mind. Our convicted heart don't want to do or be the person you were yesterday. It is allowing your mind to reach the latitude and that is up transformed as the Bible says to imitate  the personality of the person in God through Jesus Christ.  It is the transformation of my body soul and mind of the person Jesus Christ. Also resemble the person temporarily on earth to save souls. This allows your mind to be renewed each day by His grace and mercy, that you wake up to. It is transforming of mind body and soul into the transformation and likeness of Christ  Jesus. He nourish our mind.To be imitators as it is phrase close resemblance Christ Jesus. For the most part our attitudes shows off the fruit by this you shall know them by there fruit. However actually it strengthens our latitude to be greater. So we may beat the forces struggling in our  flesh. This battle waring in your flesh each and every day fighting against our Spirit.

Tell Your Neighbor the battle is on now. So people, places, and things having no effect on us.. SINCE you decided  to follow Jesus and theirs no turning back. God has now  shape mode your attitude to a  position of where your latitude can only spiral up. Your latitude cannot spiral down it can only go one way. So your finances have to change,  The walk and talk have to change. You once lived one way now you walked and talked as changed took place. The negative turns into the positive  energy . The positive charge and the negative charge did not agree with each other. One is stronger than the other if it's the energy of God it has already energize you you just have to step right in the water and let this conviction convince you to come out allowing the spirit of the living God to step in and have its way . Step back relax s watch God move. Life is better on the right dide🙏, When your unequally yoke negative is Mon negational it will rent room in your heart, and  take its place in your mind. Put there is  no turning back. When Jesus walks into your life change takes place. You now have a kingdom building mindset. Everywhere you plant your feet is inspired by God . When you have a God there is a change in your mindset everything about you inspires others and prosper others because you're now in the kingdom of God. Get ready because everything and every body that is around you is going to prosper everything that you lay your hands to and every where you plant your feet is   Going to prosper because of who you are connected to. Tell your neighbor there's no other way you can go but up. There is a command on your latitude and the command spoken by the creator of all man. Therefore there is no other way to go, but up.

When one is commanded to go in a direction you were chosen to go. God has known you before the foundation of the world change takes place. Christ said my sheep hear my voice. It cannot go no other way. If it's not the voice that commands you to come out of darkness it's not Christ you will not obey. Not because you don't want to it's because you just can't hear His voice it doesn't fit well in your Spirit. It's not the Spirit of God.

There are to many commands that is not of God. To many false prophets. To many false teachers. To many imitators of Jesus Christ, The real deal hears the voice of God. And change will come . It don't take you over twenty five years yes everyone have different degrees and levels for change in people life. The God we serve however is powerful God therefore does not work in people's lives and change should take twenty-five years for your change to come . We serve a omnipotent all powerful God. And some instances change is instantaneous. It all depends on your level of faith and intimacy with God.  It's your flesh keeping you from God and keeps you from hearing God.
Sin separate you from God. Because you refuse to let go of sin. You have to make the decision to let go , let go. Tell your neighbor let it go.

Don't blame God because your change is delayed.  When conviction lays deep down in Your soul your soul  is trying to tell you something. You're actually grieving the Holy Spirit and that person of God starts to hurt. Gods Spirit aHre place inside your belly is trying to inspire you to the right direction so you can connect with God.  You cannot continue to delay and keep God Holy Spirit. When one fights the Holy Spirit you are fighting God disagreeing with God the serious Ness of this is that this is the only time the Bible states that it is unforgiving sent. Because your denigrating the truth in His worf. Resisting God and telling your creator no instead of yes Lird I give my life to you. You'll grieving the Holy Spirit.however no is not delayed it's just gone to take you alotter longer to get there.  When your Delay it is a process delay comes to purge change  transform your mind. Into the likeness of Christ. However if you do it Gods way your get there and won't forge your destiny. Sit back and watch God move. Oh Taste and see  that the Lord is good. Yet you have taste and you have seen the goodness of the Lord put you allow your flash to continually dictate to you. To many people in the church fallen for every false wind of doctrine. However your latitude will cause change in the mind of your attitude.

It's only then, you will stop fighting Guy to get to where He desire you to be in your destiny. The higher the latitude the more imitate you are with God. Change will have to come as you maintain your praise with the Father.  Change is what I do when I want to get close to you I Gods Val to change its time to grow up in the statue of Jesus Christ.

Your growth develops in the mind. You don't walk or talk and respond to people like you use to. Your not the person you use to be and the things you use to do you don't do any more, Your latitude  has change your
attitude now that your on point your also on a different level it's call the kingdom mindset in Christ Jesus. Fighting for you life each and every day. Change is demonstrated by you it is Gods Holy Spirit that directs to to change by the conviction in your soul.
By Dr Theresa Maxwell

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