Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Your gift is not your own.

Sister and brothers, never take credit in what God have placed in your hands. You know that you did not do the work it was God. Moreover, God gave each of us gifts. The unique contribution you believe you have is just talent. Only God gives gifts, and that was His Son Jesus Christ. It is different. If you had a gift, you would not be selfish if someone came along and used it to give our Heavenly Father glory. God who gave it to you to help another. Maybe you’re not a Christian, and you hate on the person that you feel took something from you. Grow up and know that it is God and not you. As a result, you just might be the kind of person that is a so jealous heart, your try to kill steal and destroy them keeping from their destiny God has given. Go ahead, God is gone to get you, spoil uncircumcised men and women. Not only are you silly, but ungodly. Look at my page full of inspiration, compassion and love, we should be the honor to be on one another's page if it ‘about God's business.
If you notice, I stop looking at some page a long time ago if it grieve my spirit why should I even glance, Watch and pray there are some people out there desire you to use their stuff. So they can come after you. What's the sense of putting it on Facebook? We all have talent and a part of the body we should be able to use what God have given to each person in a Godly way. However many are from the world and desire to sue you thinking you’re getting something out of it. Consequently what you get out of it is pleasing our Father. Without faith in what we do for Him it is impossible to please God. Believe me when I tell you, for one thing, any money we receive at least most of it goes to the homeless. My go-fund page me and my husband put fifteen dollars for the homeless, and that is all in there. God see everything, I am not the one to steal from God. My passion is given, don't believe false clippings of yourself inventory, you are to focus on yourself, possibly a snare to those who help others. Consequently, one who lacks faith? This book will help you develop into the women or man of God He calls you to be. And just maybe He will bless you for being kind. One thing I don't like as a prophet of God when people put you out there as though you are a scum, and it's about money. Why do you post with no name on your pictures? It's a setup, nobody mad but the devil. He is using you, my brother and sister. Consider this, God sees’s your actions, selfish lacquer, and increase. Therefore, it is my pleasure to take some off your wall. You called me a thief, which I am not, you said I do this for money! Apparently you have not read my book then make your evaluation. Tried the Spirit by the Spirit and see if their of the faith. Now you're making accusations of people that do you no harm.
The devil is a liar and the father of lies. So you discredit them. You are dead wrong touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm; my book will sell because it speaks the truth. Certainly you do not think I need your help. You had nothing to do with that. Similarly, it would be an honor for you to take my name off your wall. My writings and what I do for the kingdom of God is for God to get the glory, not you. People lives will be saved, blind eyes will open, and the Lamb will walk. Most of all individuals will have clear understanding how to grow in faith. Do you feed the homeless or are you carnal minded thinking I will make money off of this. Do you not know that the money goes to the homeless?
So for this reason, people will
Buy this book. We walk by faith, not by sight. On the other hand, that is none of your business. However, it is in editing mode. Moreover because of you mindset that picture will come off. God will supply my need, according to his riches in glory. Your willingness to destroy people's lives is evil. I'll keep you in prayer that you would understand and feel people's pain, they only know what it feels to help others. Everything can be beautiful as you would say, and pray everyone to carry the smile of a child, having faith when losing their smile I have hoped it will return.  Consider many people need a Savior, desire for someone to rescue them, from this cruel, cold world. Persons who are uncircumcised and have a serious attitude problem. Yes, I am reading you and don’t know you. I thought you were tender-hearted, maybe in some ways still a lover of money. Who have beguiled you? I come naked and not a shame to you, peers and the Lord. How about you. I am the real deal, and there is nothing fake or counterfeit about me how about you. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Therefore, I write about it. I promote the truth and my reputation and character that is assassinated by your words. And if you ask me to be your friend most likely it was because of something you saw on my wall. Or maybe my following. Ifs selfish when our mindset, this is mine, it’s all about me and come join us. Your name was not on the material, and the material was not yours. As a minister of God also we desire to help bring life in and officiate home goings for them to be with the Lord. Don't hate the player hate the game? It's all about Jesus it not always about you. My father who lives in heaven was a Photographer that's where the picture came. Amen Minister Theresa Maxwell Bless you In His Service.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

God says they have no right!

His mercy immediately displays His long suffering for mankind. God provided for their shame. Each day is full of compassion. Genesis 3:21 God's patience and forbearance were later on display as mankind fell deeper and deeper into sin. God’s justice and wrath were on display when He sent the flood. God’s mercy demonstrates His grace and His grace again demonstrated His mercy.  Noah and his family from the flood. God’s holy wrath and perfect justice are seen in the future by our past disobedience.  Sodom and Gomorrah many others the wrath of God came down from heaven. Whereas God will destroy the world by fire burn living devastation along with ash. 
Although gays have the right to display their power in this world. The day and time will come when. The righteous God shall come and demonstrate His omnipotence to this world. His Identity is not just power; He is all-powerful. However, they do not have the right to tell a righteous God, who created all things. The only right they have is there choice to be gay. Gays do not have any right to tell God what is right and what is dead wrong. With same-sex marriage will do in the long run have cause Aid virus and many other diseases. Consider the judgment that is now coming since they passed the law. Consider this as they marked the date to make history for homosexuals. Mark this date for a pledge is coming. Just as Moses’ stated when he told Pharaoh. It shall also come unto you.
Woe unto you who acknowledge such a thing you oppose God's word to fit your lifestyle. On the other hand, they are in violation of the Word of God. As a father chasten, His children will not God also in time chasten those who oppose His Word. God’s glory also revealed in His love for us.  (1 John 4:16). Our knowledge of God’s love comes from the Person and saving work of Jesus Christ in this fallen world. “This is how God showed his love among us. He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might be saved. 

Who do you place your faith in God or man?

 Walk by faith through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We have entered the fearful end-time. Years that are the grand climax of the coming end of human civilization draws sign. For the most part, if ever there was a time to know the Word of God is now. Pay attention to the signs that are evident of the return of Jesus. Furthermore, none of us knows when he or she will die. We must get spiritually prepared for the end of life. Consequently, should be our top priority. God makes it plain and that He is the real deal. Satan has blinded the eyes of many people. Leaving broken evidence in believing in Christ. 

           If we accept Christ showing our faith, there won't be any room for doubt. Your basis for belief or disbelief is knowledge of where you base your faith. Whereas, faith marked with many players who believe in God’s Word is more efficient to tear Satan's kingdom down. Also standing on the promises of our Heavenly Father. God call His chosen servants before creation exists. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Great Faith

    Paul says I would have fainted when I see the prosperity of the wicked.  If Paul did not have faith in God, He would of throw in the towel.  For this reason, we need faith to pull us through.  Paul would have lost hope along with his faith. In comparison to the measure of faith, God starts us all with, gives to each believer. So that we may grow up in our faith. Generally speaking that great faith requires growth, Which come by the hearing of the Word in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Faith assures us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. , Although we cannot see it, we certainly can believe. As a result, we are new creatures in Christ born believers again.  Furthermore, our life no longer belongs to the world, our bodies indeed belong to God.
    As a result, we come to Jesus with so much drama. Particularly with unquestionable challenges from our past, that would be impossible to handle on our own. Above all, given God, all our battles.  For this purpose, the enemy will beguile many and cause them to stumble.  Nevertheless, we stand on Gods Word knowing greater is He in me than me that is in the world. We accept the salvation of Gods saving grace.Indeed we are getting stronger, and we may stumble and fall however we learn to get back up again.  Old things passed away we are created new in Christ Jesus. For the most part, we certainly are tender-hearted and encouraging one to another demonstrating love. By this, we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stay Focus

Many leaders go through trials and tribulations. We must keep our eyes on the prize to win the race. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Sin contaminates the flesh and will spread through a body as gangrene.With faith, there is nothing we cannot do. Deception cannot stand before the truth! If we have God's words, they will shine through any dark space. Because of faith we are victories in Christ Jesus.
    We are more than conquerors through the knowledge of Gods and are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy.  Ever learning ever growing ever experience the love of God. Those without Faith, it will be confused with every aspect of the Spirit of the living God.     Our solution to our worldly dilemmas is faith-based." Even as nothing can prevent the coming of dawn, neither can anything prevent the coming of Christ! There must be a level of faith for growth to occur.

Jesus our Hope of Glory

Jesus is our hope of glory. Given us ambition to achieving something noticed through the naked eye. God-given purpose points us to knowing God. Our time is not Gods timing. Prophecy reveals many things will happen in these last days and time. We have remarkable faith that never waver. Our heart was sad, people dying of sickness babies and children raped. Police Brutality risen disobedience in the world that is dying. Watch the devastation's occurring as this world is under attack. Faith continue's to grow knowledge increase. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is coming soon. As the world has contractions and many suffer. Our faith in the world decrease in Christ it increases. The world is given labor to its own,  birthing the end time harvest, God's elect feels every contraction. Many call them birth pangs. God knows and understands all that is going on with His people. Famine has entered the land as the stench of death plague the lives of our young. This has always been a part of history and tells of the end time. Our faith tells us will see love ones again. And this is not our battle we submit to God and not this world nor man through it all.

Friday, June 19, 2015

God sends His messengers

God sends His messengers
God sends His messengers who are prophets to warn people of the coming judgment in these last and evil times. Many refuse to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the churches through His prophets. We as a nation of the most Holy God have allowed the world to dictate to mix messages of what has satisfy the appetites of men. Therefore, I am sent to many messengers and false prophets who hear not Gods words but desire accolades. Therefore, we consider the members of our earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry.
As we grow in our calling this becomes sure to us and our desire to please our Father. The mandate from God to walk in my vocation is to walk worthy of the calling He has called me to.  The wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience. Many have forgotten the signs and wonders in these last and evil days. Homosexuality that is rapid, men saying good is evil and calling evil good. Pastors when making mistakes they are just men instead of under shepherds of the highest God. An Elder married to one wife and not drunken with wine. Walk according to your vocation. If you can't fit the bill, don't take the office.  Their minds are distracted as they watch instead of praying for those who forgotten in a field that is white as labors are still few.
Leaders who forgot how to develop our faith by intimacy with the Father and studying the Word of God. Many have left their first love. Angels of the church when you refuse God prophets you have rejected God. So much hatred in the church for prophets today. Remember they have to grow but in the meantime listen to what they are saying messengers of the highest God.  You take Gods word dissect it and use it for your glory and not Gods. Our relationship with God and visions are more manmade than God given. And hearing his Word that waters the seed so we can grow up in our faith and in the statute of Jesus Christ who we are to impersonate...  There are many prophets who try to please God without faith in God this is impossible to do. You have doubt in your heart and question God when he show His self as living proof to you over and over again. Now you ask a true prophet because of those who say they believe in Christ however their actions says something else. They falsely accuse the true prophet and make accusations bring them to a level that is not pleasing. Calling them a devil when people died and they life is a total wreck because they come against Gods prophetess.  A prophet is a powerhouse He or she has the mandate from God to change and turn things around in Jesus name. We have a power not just in God’s Word in the demonstration of the Holy Spirit.  Given to Jesus Christ as a gift from God the Father. God said to me I am given you to my Son as a gift. To build his church and warm those men and women of the coming judgment when they do not listen to the truth in the Word of God.  To warn men and save them from the wrath and judgment that is coming. Warming, Warming, and Warming.  Because they believe they are the only one they refuse to listen, and it is too late at that point. Judgment comes, and many leaders will die because of disobedience and they refuse to listen to a true prophet. We indeed do exceedingly above all that we can ask of our Father.  
Our love for God can never compare to the worldly system they define as love. The love we share with God does not come from a worldview of what love is.  We walk in authority, and many think we believe we are better however I AM ONE WHO have the power TO WARM. I must do what my Father have mandated me to do. We do not come to put people in prison only to release them out. Or show them the way out of their dark situation. God speaks through me by my writings and able to break down any Word in the biblical blueprint called the bible. To tell the hidden treasures that most Pastors teachers and preachers cannot bring to a surface. Just as Samson had a strength and told His secrets I will never tell mine. But I will say this one thing my Words come from the Almighty God.
I do not need any accolades, promotion, or need to be known. It will happen with or without you. God sent me to disobedient men and women of God. Chosen even as the Apostles Paul chosen, in his foolish state. When Paul elected as I was in a stubborn state not worthy of the calling but obedient to it. Just as Jonah had nowhere to run or hid.  Paul also was taught some things even as I am teachable and will always be. None of us has arrived as Christ continues to perfect us until the day He returns. God has given me the keys to unlocking doors and the evidence I bear on my body is a thorn even as Paul that God will not take away. Many children of God will not believe me because of the mandate that lays heaven on me. God has given me a mantle which is Ivory. God gave me a mantle which is a covering. The angels in heaven were singing the color of this coat which is Ivory mantle.  I was given by God to His Son as a gift God said I am given you to my Son as a gift. However if not death so how comes to the doorway that are a stumbling block or a snare to me.
I desire no harm to no man however when they speak against me they also speak against God, who made me and loved me. Even as He loves you, one have this gift, and the other is a gift to the body. Judge what I say, He gave to His Son Jesus Christ to the body that we may be saved. To please God, He has given us the faith that is very strong.  As I continue to grow, I will continue to prosper and be in good health. We as Gods anointed ones have to organize his people from the time of Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And finally sending His Son into the world to save us from sin once and for all. God has. Institute, marriage for the husband and wife to be one in the unity of faith, And in the body, of fellowship. For one to separate that is one causing division amongst the two who are one flesh? You now come to Gods Word.  Moses’ organized Gods people and took them through dry and desert places. God sent his son to set the captive free to establishment his will and wash away our sins with the atonement of His blood. 
God put himself in a body by taken self out as we also depart from this world as prophets of God’s Word. Some may see some may have visions, some write. I am all of the above. Given the keys to life and death prosperous and anointing children and men to become who God called them to be. God has appeared to me in many vision and dreams never seeing His face. The light was so bright that it was impossible to look into His face. Knowing this was real the brilliant from the light burn my eyelids, and I felt the sensation from this illumination. I came to Him as a child; He anointed my head my cup runneth over. God does what He desires to do. Taken the foolish things and making them wise.   There are many prophets in the body of Christ that will tell you they are prophets yet there is no evidence or demonstration of their words in action or taken root in God’s Word to ever come to pass.

We are the modern-day prophetess that involves turning the hearts of the fathers toward the sons and the hearts of the children toward the fathers (see Malachi 4:5–6). Truly my desire is to reconciliation producing fruit that many will see. My hope that men will love me. Not that I need their approval. I can't understand why people just don't desire to love me. My desire is that none shall perish and if my people parish it is for lack of knowledge. Therefore, I sent my prophetess so none will die. Therefore, I must examine myself and do what is require me to do for them to see my heart as God see my heart. Often crying out to God and seeing Gods judgment come on them is heartfelt. And I am called a witch and done nothing that I can see. However many do not have spiritual eyes and see the heart as God see it. And the judge that prophet wrong and judgment falls on them. And the prophet is condemning more. 
My desire is moved to root out and to pull down to destroy and to throw down and to build and to plant (see Jeremiah 1:10). Fighting in this spiritual warfare will be a frequent reality in my life. Knowing without a shadow of the doubt who I am in Christ. And who God called me to be. Called to walk a narrower path than some around me that many times I feel alone only to know God is with me. Often I will feel a sense of duty to honor God's will and be crushed with godly sorrow when I step on and misunderstood. I am not a wishful prophet who talk loud and have no power to line up with Gods Word. My Words do not bounce never to accomplish what is spoken. If I speak, it will come to the past.  Self-promoting prophets is not who I am. My writings will help me in Gods vineyard and also tell many how to get delivery from situations.   To lie about who God called me was frightful, and I desire never to put myself in a position to lie about who and God says I am. Why did God choose someone like me? Not worthy and not educated for such a calling. It is what it is, I am the lease, but he have chosen me.
And God said to me write. He told me He called me to be an Apostle like Paul.   He tells me the deep and dark secrets of men and what His Word is saying. The truth is told I am not only a prophet but a teacher, preacher, and Apostle.  I am a modern-day reformer, like John the Baptist had a Prophetic ministry to bring positive change and hope to those who are hopeless. I not only have Gods DNA also reformation in my DNA. My other assignment is called to prepare people for the Lord by pointing them to an intimate relationship with Jesus (see John 3:29), Equipping them to discern His voice. Speaking words of warning or correction that God gives them standing in the gap between man and God (see Ezekiel 22:30). Usually, this latter function takes place through intercession. Not all intercessors are prophets, but all prophets are intercessors. It is part of the prophetic, priestly duty to make intercession. My Connection with God intercession is my intervention with my Father. God has shown me how His desire's me to pray to Him. God have given me orders in how I should pray to him. I must pray a certain way. So I am in constant prayer. One of the many vineyards in my communication with my Father. Judge ye what I say this is who I am fearfully shaken and in love with God. I come with fire tearing down walls speaking the truth.  Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient. My words are never empty they are alive and full of truth.  We come this far by faith in Jesus Christ persecuted but not distress. We lay down our lives for people allowing them to know that if one believe in Jesus Christ they will also be obedient to the Word of God. Yes, we do love however to many we are unlovable because of the anointed that rest in our lives.
We do not think that we are better than anyone. We walk in the anointing therefore people are ignorant of the power of destroying yokes. Even those that we carry are no longer burdensome because of Christ living in our bodies.  We are passing through this life. Our destination is to teach others the powers that they also receive from a God, who is not a respecter of person. I walk in power and the authority given to me and not to me only but many who walk by faith and not by sight, we must be strong masculine or has strong masculine in our appearance. We as the people of God easily identified and targeted by those who walk around with the spirit of Satan.  Our distinct attributes of God is hearing His word and allowing to take root in us. That we may be a tree that bring forth good fruit that it shall not be pluck in the day of adversity. Walking in the favor of God in the statutes of Jesus brings stability and peace to our Spirit. We are jointly together one with another for we are the people of God. Therefore, whose report will you believe we shall believe the report of the Lord? Who heals me and anoints me for this journey.  Many have treated me unkind talk about me and lie to me. Wounded me injury me however through it all I press for the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus.
It is when these trails come we gain muscle, and that makes me strong and change come to my mindset of people I am no longer will allow myself to be ignorant to. Opposed too many leaders who said they are and I have found them not to be of the faith. Therefore, I will refuse to allow myself to offend those who are supposed to be authoritative leaders given them over to God. Who will pick their hearts?  I owe no man no apology but only to treat them with love and kindness. If I have offending anyone, I shall apologize. But knowing that I owe man no apology yet I will apologize.  Allowing them to see God who lives in me and the works I do it is not I but my Father who lives in me. Every one of us could have the same that I am blessed with if a there heart were as contrite as mine and hungry and thirsty after righteousness. I do not boast in myself it is God that I boast in.  He will receive the glory from me and out of my loins. It is not I who but this anointing on me where it is manifest by the Spirit of the living God it is God who has anointed me. The love we share with our heavenly father many will not understand it. It is so powerful it hurts this type of love. It will bring you joy in an instance. Love for those who injured or desire to do physical harm. However relating to the body of Christ as there are a physical mind." mental faculties that need to be “challenges" by the Word of God. Many leaders believe that we were in some contest when it was a call that we shared as prophet’s teachers and preacher for the edification of the body of Christ. This race have become a game each person are in competition, especially, and now we are in a duel because one thinks negative about a wife for her husband. When many should just mind their business, they are a bunch of busy body’s silly women causing division from their evil conscious.
When it comes to me and my husband please I am asking everyone to stay out of our marriage, I desire my husband to succeed and do not have a Jezebel spirit. The devil is a liar and the father of lies. I am very submissive to my man of God. The love we share and how we desire to stay together through the trials and tribulation. Though we have accepted the challenge," There are several people who suffer ignorance in the body of Christ they are the explosion and injure people. Who will not hear from Gods anointed prophets? Therefore, they shall not prosper in no way.  There are several people who suffer physical harm or damage unpleasant).With sexual desires that are so experienced intensely with pain". Discomfort caused by illness or injury. "She’s in great pain." She has the injury to her back to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or another impact. There is an another." the problem in the body of Christ we can’t seem to tell which is the original document or carbon copy. However when there are two or more people, it is easily identified. Indicating the point in space at which a journey started. We should never judge so quickly before we can take the speck out of someone eye we must first take the log out of yours. She began to walk away from him" the action or process of causing so much damage to something typically one in which the skin is cut or broken. Telling us that this is a injure person) to become sound or healthy again.
That is the Good News we can be whole again. We may fall but praise God He gives us another chance to get back up. We learn to forgive those who come against us and say all manner of evil about us. There for I will run this race with excellence from this day forward and try my best not to offend or cause harm to no man. But to reconcile with everyone that I may obtain an excellent report with man and God.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bless the Hungry and poor

God bless the hungry and the poor please open up every door to walk struggling family's through to keep children warm this barrow house this just won't do. The truth of the matter none belong there we live in a world some just don't care.  Because of sin know one have to pay.  Mark 14:7 The poor you will always have with you, and you can help with them any time you want. If inevitable that we help whose  heart is open the need to scope to close the door. God said you will not always have me unless you pray bow on your knees. The poor will always be with us send us a angelic host to prepare and feed those weak to their knees they need us. what's next will you boost in what you see or get you hands dirty evangelize  and feed.  Or will you just be have be Ghost now and the be  like angelic host. Now I see you now I don't thought you were a friend you just drop off some cloths at the shelter did you believe that makes it better. It will last for  another day thank you for what you gave. If you were only in my shoes only for one day how would you choose . Would you kill steal or destroy or wait on God to give you a  greater reward . You forgot where you came from. With so much confusion Our minds gives illusion to see things as there really not in the right prospective. Dear God help those mothers who are poor dressing there children in subways barrows sending them to school to receive an education so they won't be as there mother who select to give her body to bodies to make money to feed her kids. Praying to God please  allow it to be another way. They sent my father away to an over crowed jail a two by four bin that similar to hell. So on our knees we pray sent him away out the way so now my fathers lock away to pay.  He only try to make it better he made it worst  he knew no better. We parish because of ignorance this make no sense. Now left on our mothers gribble bed in her mind she must feed her children she is a mother she won't leave her children behind.  In the trash can looking for a helping hand watching DHS please don't separate my children they took my man.Searching yet protecting my girls from the dread of men who rap an attack to get the shack house off my back. It's Been a heavy load to carry that's my home on my back I terry. My son he is only 10 trying to make a score of dirty money to get steak  or just a fresh peace  of homemade cake. It's not easy living in this bin never having a friend to barrow no shame in my game in this condition Just sorry. I still proclaim Jesus name. Devil you can't block me try to stop me took my man and lock him up from helping me and our family. This is a set back you attack I am a fighter I will come back I am encouraged in this condition no weapon can prosper over me the Father the Son lives in me. So  c'mon still pressing on in this barrow house repute you devil your never win. Trying to take my mind still in control God is allowing me to hold on. Trying to find a comb to do my daughters hair. This is above me God seek bowing to my only true friend. We don't have a house living in the street yes were living on God strength. Lord please help me. My Brother they call hussle man but mommy don't want the dirty money again. She wants us to study to be a doctor lawyer a judge to get that money maybe you're be the one take off these street. Dear God bless the  hungry and poor please don't let no more doors slams us in our face. All people look at us like we are a disgrace. Don' even know us they make a fuss when near us the way we dress the way we smell our looks prevail. They don't know how we got here mommy and daddy lost there jobs last year now you judge me now you hate me you don't ever no my name. It's to your shame this where will be for a while. Shelters won"t take us in we are to many they have to break us separate us then we can be tuck in. Now I lose my daddy can someone else be me its not my fault that my family is living in the street. Please don't judge me you don't know my story mom never smile picking bread out the trash cans rats nipping at her hands. Dear God bless the poor please lord open a door tired of wiping myself hard paper hurt cut and burns. Lord this is for real can't pretend go to school follow the golden rule no one knows my story where no fools. We are 
intelligent and hardworking"
clever, bright for now this is our flight. Everybody in this world can't be rich brilliant take a pick quick-witted learn to share with the poor those in dis pare. Selfish world we live in hear is an uptake their to smart to see the poor to canny, no insightful, if God only what the can get they left us behind. There perceptive is riding on a bull machine, or building) able to vary its state or action in response to the poor turn their back no response. No this is not our resume this is a temporary situations, that will past won't last we learning from mommy who is first class. Who knows how to struggle and what it is what it takes now education is the key for your capacity to live experience to know go and grow we live in a world complicated no heart just to score. In this life you must be a computer terminal to win this fight. This incorporating world with bombs nuclear buttons microprocessor yet having its sorrows processing the poor lives all around your  next door neighbor could have them. It's life lessons capabilities is an escape goat  to deliver me. Bring on me property. When I get there I pull people up in victory. Having no fear in being all God design you to be. We sometime learn the hard way experience our best teacher in this cold world made my heart warm for people who knew the struggle kept out of trouble don't judge me you don't know me dear God bless the hungry and the poor. Show us your way before we find ourselves dressing in the barrow of the homeless you never know if your found there. That's a fact.