Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

God's Love

Love is an action word, as with Christianity the way we treat each other and the way we live. We are living in a glass house and people are watching and looking at our love walk. We must be careful the enemy will easily come and snatch it away we must continue to stand walking in the Spirit of the living God showing the love of God that shed aboard on all man that love him.Showing Gods love in us that others may also see who it is in us working in us in love.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Benny Hinn - Mass Anointing in Uganda

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanking God for sending you to me,

 Extending a special thanksgiving out to all those who encourage me in the Lord. Those who help me reach to point A to B, C, D, Everlasting life. First  thanking God who gave his Son Jesus Christ."For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him." - II Corinthians 5:21 Allowing us sinners entrance to the tree of life who gave his life for the sin of man. Thanking God for my husband,  Bishop Eric A. Lambert, also Elder Harris, all those who labor in the vineyard. May God continue to bless you all always. Sending a shout out to Prophetess Celestine Forrest, Minister Jackie Cannad, Bishop Keith Reed at the Sharon Baptist Church, all those who help me along the way, Pastor Anthony and his wife, Bishop Watkins, and Lady Watkins, Pastors Steward, all my sisters, Sharon Dancy and husban, Jacqueline Jones and husband, Debbie my brother Jim, and all my  brothers in Christ, cousins Aunts Uncles, and friends to all  I love and cherish.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Jesus paid the price of your sin debt by giving up His life for you.
"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life." - Romans 5:8-10.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Understanding the Lord's Supper

Understanding The Lord's Supper.
 Understanding the unique meaning
          of the bread and of the cup
       in the Lord's Supper

  Much of its meaning has been lost.
Many churches  are not remembering 

 On that night that our Lord was portrayed he took bread, brake it, and said. This is my body of the new testament as often as you do this ye do this in remembrance of me. In that same manner he took the cup of blessing and said this cup is the cup of the new testament pour out on you as often as ye do this ye do things and drink in remembrance of me  and they drank together.,

A correct understanding of the bread and the cup will keep the believer doctrinally sound and balanced.  It will keep him or her spiritually on track and in communion with the Lord. Churches, ministries and people will be measured,  corrected and helped by the true meaning of the elements. The believer will begin to walk in the authority, power and glory that Jesus Christ intended for him. For your own sake, slow down and take the time to get a clear understanding of His body and His blood.

Take this bread -- take this cup
The Lord's Supper
           A clip from "The Passion of Christ"
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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Lord Jesus Christ, I ask today to forgive EVERYONE in my life. I know that You will give me the strength to forgive and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself and want my happiness more than I desire it for myself. Father, I forgive YOU for the times death has come into the family, hard times, financial difficulties, or what I thought this was a punishments sent by you people said, This was the will of God. I became bitter and resentful toward you Lord. Purify my heart and mind today. Lord, I forgive MYSELF for my sins, faults and failings, for all that is bad in myself or that I think is bad, I forgive myself; and I accept your forgiveness. I further forgive MYSELF for taking Your name in vain, not worshiping You by attending church, for hurting my parents, getting drunk, for sins against purity, bad books, bad movies, fornication, adultery, homosexuality. Also, for abortion, stealing, lying, defrauding, and hurting peoples’ reputation. You have forgiven me today, and I forgive myself.
Thank You, Lord, for your grace at this moment. I also forgive MYSELF for any delving in superstition, using Ouija boards, horoscopes,  I reject superstitions and choose you alone as my Lord and Savior. Fill me God with Your Holy Spirit  that my path may be strengthen in you that I will not cause hurt to anyone.  Lord, I truly forgive my MOTHER. I forgive her for all the times she hurt me, she resented me, she was angry with me and for all the times she punished me. I forgive her for the times she preferred my brothers and sisters to me. I forgive her for the times she told me I was dumb, ugly, stupid, the worst of the children or that I cost the family a lot of money. For the times she told me I was unwanted, an accident, a mistake or not what she expected, I forgive her. Lord  I truly forgive my FATHER. I forgive him for any non-support, any lack of love, affection or attention. I forgive him for any lack of time, for not giving me his companionship, for his drinking, arguing and fighting with my mother or the other children. For his severe punishments, for desertion, for being away from home, for divorcing my mother or for any running around, I do forgive him. Lord, I extend forgiveness to my SISTERS AND BROTHERS. I forgive those who rejected me, lied about me, hated me, resented me, I will continue to love, those who hurt me, who physically harmed me. For those who made my life unpleasant in any way, I do forgive them. Lord, I do forgive my CLERGYMAN, my CONGREGATION and my CHURCH for their lack of support, pettiness, lack of friendliness, not providing me or my family with the inspiration we needed, for any hurts they have inflicted on me or my family, even in the distant past, I forgive them today. Those in my church who have attacked me, ridiculed me, discriminated against me, made fun of me, I forgive those of different BELIEFS who have harassed me, attacked me, argued with me, forced their view on me. Those who have harmed me mocked me, made jokes about my family physically; emotionally I do forgive them today. I forgive my SPOUSE for lack of love, affection, consideration, support, attention, communication for faults, failings, weaknesses and those other acts or words that hurt or disturb me. Jesus, I forgive my CHILDREN for their lack of respect, obedience, love, attention, support, warmth, understanding; for their bad habits, falling away from the church, any bad actions which disturb me. Father please forgives my IN-LAWS by marriages that treat my family with a lack of love.
Lord, I forgive my INSTRUCTORS of the past as well as the present. For those who punished me, humiliated me, insulted me, treated me unjustly, made fun of me, called me dumb or stupid, made me stay after school, I truly forgive them today. Lord, I forgive my FRIENDS who have let me down, lost contact with me, do not support me, were not available when I needed help, borrowed money and did not return it, gossiped about me. Lord Jesus, I especially pray for the grace of forgiveness for the ONE PERSON in life who has HURT ME THE MOST. I ask to forgive anyone who I consider my greatest enemy, the one who is the hardest to forgive or the one who I said I would never forgive. I am especially sorry for the three greatest hurts I have inflicted on each of these. Thank You, Jesus, that I am being free from the unforgiveness that laid dorment in my heart. Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with light and let every dark area of my mind be enlightened in and through you that I will continue to forgive. AMEN.

We must endure

We must endure; persevere no matter what the situation may look like knowing that God will work it out for our good.

Arm and Extremely Dangerous

Arm and Extremely Dangerous
If our walk in Christ is not right, we may need to spend time evaluating what is causing this misconception. We must be careful how we use the gifts and talents God gives us. Its uniqueness is a chest filled with unknown treasures from God. So many times get confuse with honey on the lips verses poison in the heart. We cannot seem to identify the different between bitter and sweet. There seen to be an identity crisis in the body of Christ. No matter how attractive or persuasive the person is. (Arm and Extremely Dangerous only 14.99)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Into His Heart

God is love and in him is the demonstration of his love to humanity poured out on man to demonstrate who he is. God heart gives us a demonstration of him through the outpouring of love by his Spirit pour on us by the shedding of his blood on man. This is a pure love as it demonstrates who God is for God is love. There is no way you will not fall in love with God because of this love but also walk into the heart of him by having an intimate relationship by the outpouring of his Holy Spirit. God Spirit will guide us into all truth at the same time he guides us Into the Heart of himself. Many of us find it hard to love someone after being hurt, manipulated abandon, and put to shamed. However, when you walk Into his heart of God his Holy Spirit gives us a glimpse of how Jesus himself loves is unconditional as the Father Son and Holy Ghost are one in love. For one to experience this one also must be one with the creator and by this the demonstration of the Holy Spirit working in the person whose heart also will change when walk into the heart of God. The mind, the harden heart will change as soft as a baby bottom when one walks into the heart of God. Into His Heart will show us how to love our spouses our children even the people that we encounter each day of our lives. God shows his great love through the book, Songs of Solomon. Showing man how strong and sincere Gods love is. God is love his heart gives us a demonstrated of him through the outpouring of love by his Spirit. $19.99 on the web.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let all acquaintance be forgotten: Let by gones, be by gones.

The song let all acquaintance be forgotten and never come to mind was a poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. Although it is a song that reminds me, having one drink in one hand sitting awaiting for the clock to strike 12 midnight to say happy new-year in those BC days. As I continue to reflect on this song all those in the church that have hurt, manipulated us we call our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let all acquaintance be forgotten and never come to mind. Knowing that our father forgave us and we should forgive those acquaintance that has cause pain to our lives.  It seems that this time of year is the most depressing time where we hear of suicides and many that will not see the coming year. Many of us will be caught up in the lights and fashion of Christmas and Thanksgiving we forget the true essence of it.  However, the true essence of this time of year is love it is a reminder of the love that God have given us.  God loves us so much we should take a moment and reflect on those that he gave us as family, as friends, as Leaders in his body. God showed his love for humanity by given us his Son who came in the flesh. During this time of year we should consider others, letting them know that we care and love them. Let us put aside all malice and backbiting against our brothers and sisters but show whose we are in the body of Christ by showing love one towards the other. It does not matter what they may have done or how they may have treated you, let by gone be by gone and encourage that person reminding and showing them that God loves you and so do I.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Your thanks is a deposit that produces praise. Oh give thanks unto the Lord., It’s a set up.

Your Thanks is a deposit that produces praise. It is everything that was deposit in you before the foundation of the world. This praise was preserve in you to act out not only what he did for you on the cross but also what he did in your past present and what he is gone to do for you in your future. When one thanks God it is a set up preserved in your thanks to keep us safe from injury destruction and decay. You see when something is preserve it is season with something to change the position of the person that God has season. What I come to find out is that God is a God that has reserved some things for us that have sustain us until our season comes. When something is preserved, it is season so that it will never decay.  Joel 2:25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. Joel 2:26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed. What was preserved in your is now reserved in your thanks and stored up in your praised. The thanks you give to God have kept you when you could not see a way out. Your thanks kept you when your bills were not pay. What God preserved in the thanks was a deposit praise reserve to come out when you cannot see how God will bring you out of what the enemy tried to keep you in. Shackles fall off; chains are loose, prison doors bust open.  What is deposit in your thanks are all those things that God brought you through and the praise is then release therefore your thanks is a deposited praise. The word preserved means to keep or save from injury or destruction to defend from evil. Which tells danger when it comes thank you, when sickness come thank you, when you see no way out of a situation thank you, your thanks is a deposit praise. Because something have to happen when the praises go up the blessings come down. Your thanks is a deposit praise God has store up some things that will keep you from harm hurt and danger it’s a set up and it is in your thanks.