Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, February 9, 2017

No more close doors

Some are in prison today I hear the Lord saying we decree and declare this day that you shall be released from whatever it is that has incarcerate your mind body and spirit that you will not move unless you hear something from someone when God has already put it in belly. Kept  you from enjoying life and those doors that was shut don't look behind.I hear the Lord saying God has positioned you to go forward. I hear the Lord saying he is opening up those doors that the enemy has  close. You see the devil didn't know you had destiny in those closed doors God has re-establish. What God shall ordained He shall maintain . The love of God compels us to tell you that there shall be no more close doors. Life is held together by the choices that we make. I hear the Lord saying walk into your destiny and the prominence that God has called you to hallelujah no more close doors   no more close doors say I hear the Lord saying I have called you to a higher level ,  I hear the Lord saying that he has launch you into different territory you have been faithful over a little and now he's making you faithful over much. He has given you the ability as David killed Goliath you are able to kill every devil that come into your circle. I hear the Lord saying reproduction of life restoration of life has begun. I hear the Lord saying the artery in your body is only a blockage to stop you from entering into your destiny. I hear the Lord saying it has caused blood clots to stop you from being all God has called you to be. No more close doors.

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