Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Your Latter Will Be Greater

Father, we worship you in the Spirit of holiness. Your Glory goes beyond all other. Our heart and soul we give you full control. The glory of your, Temple will be greater than the glory of your former house, says declares the LORD Almighty. LORD Almighty and in this place. I will grant peace. We stand on every Word that receives out of the mouth of God. Father, give us this day a refreshing of your anointing power. Refreshing of your love O' God. You are our hearts desire our love song your voice awakens each morning. You are the one and true living God. Father, we wake up and rise to only you O God before we close our eyes we bow down to only you, O God. You are the source of our strength, our joy our life force. We search all over we could not find anybody greater than you O' God. It's all about you Jesus; we desire to feel want you feel to see as you see. Father, we cried out for those who are bound in their minds and body this morning. We command those who in bondage, you are a way maker, who makes highways out of the sea, who feeds people in a desert, is there anything too hard for our God. You make a way out of no way; we release that stronghold on them right now in the name of Jesus. We declare sickness is defeated cancer is defeated, in the name of Jesus. We decree blessings in the body of Christ, those who are in financial bondage we release that stronghold on your finances in the name of Jesus. That women or man pornography, and sexual addictions we take hold of that fortress in the name of Jesus. That broken heart, this morning your husband walk out your wife on drugs left you with the children. You have been carrying that baggage for too long God just did you a favor, If God brought you to it, He would bring you through it., Amen, Praise Him through the storm; God has something better in store for you; He is an awesome God though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end will significantly increase. He takes it away praise Him, He always replace it with something better. What you had in the past cannot be compared to what God has for you in your future. Amen, the best is yet to come. All things work together for our good those that love the Lord and are the call according to His purpose... Know without a doubt that God has a purpose for you. Your beginnings are to purge, you then God will humble you. Only then you will be able to handle the people and the gift God has given you to take care of in your future. Glory to God amen.