Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Freedom in your mind to inmatate Christ

The scope for freedom is the made up mind. That today don't want to do or be the person you were before. It is allowing your mind to be transformed and Image and person of Jesus Christ.  It is the transformation of my body and soul into the transformation of Jesus Christ to  resemble person that he was on this earth to save souls. It is letting your mind be renewed each and every day that you wake is transforming of mind body and soul into the transformation and likeness of Christ mind, body and soul. To imitate phrase as close as possible. For the most part it is in your attitude that will cause your latitude to be greater than your flesh to win this battle waring in your flash now.

Tell Your Neighbor the battle is on now Its On Now. So people, places, and things has no effect o. Your life  anymore. you decided  to follow Jesus and theirs no turning back. God has now  shape mode your attitude to a  position of where your latitude can only spiral up. Your latitude cannot spiral down it can only go one way. So your finances have to change,  Thea away you once lived the way you once walked talked everything about you must go into the negative to Thea positive and there is no turning back. walk have to change the way you talk have to change. You now have a kindest mind for kingdom building. Everywhere you plant your feet is inspired by God . When you have a God and change your mindset everything about you inspires others and prosper others because you're now in the kingdom of God. Get ready because everything and every body that is around you is going to prosper everything that you lay your hands to and every where you put your feet to is   Going to prosper because of who you are connected to . connection. Tell your neighbor there's no other way you can go but up. There is a command on your latitude and the command spoken by the creator of all man. Therefore there is no other way to go but up.

When one is commanded to go in a direction you will not go no other way. Christ said my sheep hear my voice. It cannot go no other way. If it's not the voice that commands you to come out of darkness and it's not Christ you will not obey.

There are to many commands that is not of God. To many false prophets. To many false teachers. The real deal hears the voice of God. And change will come . It don't take you over night however we serve a powerful God therefore it should not take twenty-five years for your change to come when we serve a omnipotent all powerful God. It's your flesh keeping you in that place. You won't let go.

Don't blame God because your change not coming. When you taste and sewn the Lord is good. To many people in the church fallen for every false wind of doctrine. However your latitude will cause change in the mind of your attitude.

It's only then, you will shore to your destiny. The higher the latitude the more imitate you are with the father and change will come as you maintain growth become grown up in the statue of Jesus Christ.

Your growth develops in the mind. You don't walk or talk and respond to people like you use to. Your not the person you use to be and the things you use to do you don't do any more, Your latitude  has change your
attitude now that your on a different level in Christ Jesus.
By Dr Theresa Maxwell

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