Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Understanding the Lord's Supper

Understanding The Lord's Supper.
 Understanding the unique meaning
          of the bread and of the cup
       in the Lord's Supper

  Much of its meaning has been lost.
Many churches  are not remembering 

 On that night that our Lord was portrayed he took bread, brake it, and said. This is my body of the new testament as often as you do this ye do this in remembrance of me. In that same manner he took the cup of blessing and said this cup is the cup of the new testament pour out on you as often as ye do this ye do things and drink in remembrance of me  and they drank together.,

A correct understanding of the bread and the cup will keep the believer doctrinally sound and balanced.  It will keep him or her spiritually on track and in communion with the Lord. Churches, ministries and people will be measured,  corrected and helped by the true meaning of the elements. The believer will begin to walk in the authority, power and glory that Jesus Christ intended for him. For your own sake, slow down and take the time to get a clear understanding of His body and His blood.

Take this bread -- take this cup
The Lord's Supper
           A clip from "The Passion of Christ"
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