Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Phenomenal black woman

You are a phenomenal women soft skin brown blue green eyes that feels as its bouceful eyes enchanteing me hypnotize by the oral of your glance. 

Shape like diamonds  shining rehearsing me your black pearls  sparkle  dynasty. Estacy drawing Be into your circle into the beams of feelings  you I. Me. 

Your skin smells like ivory and soft as a babies bottom so inspired by Solomon song. tYou come I. Many flavors Chocolate, maple Carmel cream like a flower that blends in absolutely uniquely phenomenon women that's who you are. 

butterfly fly in different shades of chocolate. White choclate sweeten like the show. Pecan brown chocolate you can do all things your determined allows you to sword on eagles wings. Dark chocolate a dash of sunshine that brightens up the room. Showing all shades of me and you. 

You are phenomenal so flap your wings swore higher and higher. Shades of you and me

There are no limits to how high you can fly into the night you disappear into the light as the moon shines brightly on you skin you are phenomenal fly and sing. 

Your like a tiger you skin was made to blend hiding and blending in silent no one hears or sees you you disappear. your nose is in. All shapes and sizes as your wooly hair is always stylish.


Your full lips 👄 shaped like the moon above your beauty is mot compare to no other creation phenomenal black woman you are tenacious.. you hold your family together strong women among Queen no other women is like you you are a phenomenal women this is true. 

Your  are beautiful to hear the sound of your voice you sing like a nightingale your words are strong your voice is heard you are phenomenal woman. 

When God made you to stand out black beauty there is no shadow of doubt you are the phenomenal woman. 

God knew the pain you would endure He knew the heartache would sore around you it profound you black women you are phenomenal . God knew what to do he made you strong not see through you are Phenomenal He knew you was strong and you could endure. there was gone to be times hurt and pain will come That is why you are.  Phenomenal when it comes to stress. 

He made phenomenally with different curves. He favor you to be phenomenally, extraordinary. You are prodigious In force a warrior that knows how to fight. And how to be gentle with force. You are extraordinary in size, extent, degree, forceful logical you are apart of me. My sister my friend you're a phenomenal black women to the very end. 

Your keen to hear the heart ❤️ of your children's prayers. You are full of mercy your faith is strong and so dear. 

The prodigious black diamonds in your eyes shine like the moon at night. Keep your head held high.

You are phenomenally

wonderful the work of Gods hand uniquely crafted into His master plan. 

Your phenomenal strong 💪 toelous: a prodigious feat is your song. You are admired amazing astonishing you are a Queen amongst the queens. You are phenomenal. 

You are exceptional your

nature is phenomenon;. You are art recognizable by others. You are phenomenally lloved you are phenomenally unique you are phenomenal Bless.  Phenomenally chic You are God's masterpiece. 

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