Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, July 13, 2017

God Created Women To Be Free

Jesus paid the price on Calvary, He died for sister's to be free. No more enslave by mortal man we both can stand hand in hand. After thousands of years of male dominance, it's clear to men we also have a voice to be heard we now stand with man. 

We rise to our appropriate prominence, and the entire world will recognize that we mean business.  

Free in harmony to speak without being quiet and acting weak when we are made to be strong, man place us where we belong. No more tears no more walking in fear. 

To see that her true genius is that she embodies the call to God’s life, to conceive and bear forth life into the world.

Yes we are Daughters walking  with power in this time at this hour.

Queens don't walk in fear. Queens walk with their  head held high keeping it real. Keeping our head to the sky. 

We are Gods greatest masterpiece this is why we're so unique. 

No more beatings because we didn't cook. No more given us dirty looks. No more selfish ambition dreams it all about you and not about me. 

We are liberated Queens with dreams and ambitions anointing to work out any situation. We were always a part of Gods vision Deborah Mary and Martha if they could speak.  Harriete Tubman , Rosa Parker just to name their spirits live on in me and you.

Christ died to set women free. The temple split into for women to have a voice also to speak,. her mind and in times of adversity. Yes you will find her 

standing with her sword in her hand to fight as beautiful as she is just like a man.

She was included in Gods masters plan to spread the gospel through out the land.

The vision God gave is not just for man it's for all to walk together and understand. 

So now you see no more beatings from man calling us out our name it's real don't pretend just refrain from doing it my friend.

No more playing silly games. Once enslaved in every way we now have control over our minds our bodies and soul. With out faith this would not be told.

Martin Luther King had a dream that man and women boys and girls, Will not be judge because of their color but will be judged by the content of their character.

We are free to be what God call us to be and that was Dr Martin Luther King dream for all man created equal to be free.

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