Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Saturday, January 14, 2017

How are you walking

It's the way we walk. That affect love for God. How are you walking are you switching to get attention. Or jay waking not following God ordain instructions, or do you have a swag in your walk. Thinking your all or just a ladies man. It really don't matter how your eating what matters is how your applying your walk through Christ Jesus. Are you a servant or show and tell or are you just performing for people speaking words of God. Having no demonstrations of the spirit of God to save souls.

Grace gives us time to be who God calls us to be however grace has am expiration date put mercy endures forever. As long as you are walking with Jesus. You are walking under grace. We all have a expiration day that day only God knows. Mercy on the other hand ensures forever you do the math,  As long as its not causing Gods people to fall. It's time to change your walk.

A Jay walker will cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for people. This walk is having no regard for the law or people.

swagwalk walking with a swag;  The haughty, confident walk of someone who knows he is good looking is an example of a swagger. to sway side to side with hands hanging and slightly leaning backward and walking really slowly; to walk with totally confidence in one's self all in the flesh.

Switch usually is a female, pronouncedly swings his or her hips while walking.
It is also a device for making and breaking connection. When  you find yourself falling in any of these walks you lost your connection with God.

The  soul have to make change in your way of walking in this Christian journey. Gods children can't be walking any kind of way.

We are called by God, to be imitators of Jesus Christ. However we are seated in heavenly places when we walk according to Gods  Word. There is a walk to save souls and usually straight walk. We are walking properly and Christ Jesus. Never causing attraction or reaction from people.
Yet we refuse to give that switch, swag or walk up. How you like me now prideful walk. When we walk with a swag or switch or jay walking it is a stronghold fleshly walk. Putting all attention on self.

Actually the lights are turn  off we bump into all kinds of things like men and women in the world. Which cause a physical attraction.We are not made to walk in darkness. We are  imitators of Christ. Which means we are made to walk in the light because God is light  all you need to do is switch the way you are walking.

When we switch our connection from dark to light we are connected to Jesus because He is the light. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin. It's ok for a woman  to have feminte walk having qualities or appearance associated with women, if you are Women however it's not ok to distract the head. Which is the man and the head of man is Jesus Christ and the head of Christ is God. It's alright to walk in meekness especially the delicacy and prettiness.but don't overdo it . For men to lust after you. I'm talking about  swinging your hips back and forth as though you're doing the bump, trying to hurt something all up in the church it just not right. Everything should be done decently and in order. you must think it's cute your trying to hurt something all up in the house of God. It will cause men to fall.

As we walk in this love ❤️ walk we must realize it's not about us. When you switch your saying to every one look at me. There are chains to be broken. Blind eyes to open. Death ears need to hear the word of God clearly. It's in our walk in Christ. Don't allow your flesh to fool you.

In some area in our life it's time to turn off the switch so we can break that connection. How can you believe that your connected to another man or woman and their  married. It's contrary to the Word of God. Your switching all over the church that's who they know you by the switch you have. Take the s off of the Word switch the Word becomes witch.
We must stop waking in the flesh but walk according to the vocation that we are called . Your like a match that need some one to strike it to spark the fire that has develop in your lions. You are  so hot it shows in your walk. Lite a Mach and your be on fire. Fooling people to believe that's the way you walk.

Well it's time to change your walk for the sake of babies. Still drinking milk. You might want to evaluate your walk. When you have men talking about you and not Jesus our Lord and Savior it's time for you to change the way you walk. Your destroying the repertation of Jesus your in the flesh. The way you walk  shows who you really are. All that flesh If you take the S off of switch it means witch.  Demanding overpowered woman. One of the definition of witch is an a alluring woman. You know how women walk to get a mans attention. However if you find you self getting the attention of men and men look at you more than God. Your a distraction. Turn your switch off. Now we have to question who you really are. It is obvious you have their attention.  How can we as women be imitators of Jesus Christ when we are trying to get men's attention in the church. When their attention should be on God. Men have imaginations their imagination oftentimes run wild there focus should not be on you. If we even think in such a way we sin. However if you are strong we can fight off temptations we have the power to overcome the flesh. However those just coming in the church cannot.

A witch is a fleshly enticement. Careful who you cause to fall. If you think your all that your not. Our focus is on saving lives. If you need attention Get Gods attention I just stop by to tell you eyes have not seen ears have not heard. Neither has it enter into the minds of men the things God has for them. Realize this it will never be on you always on Jesus. It's time to change your switch.

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