Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Monday, May 23, 2016

Be careful who you entertain

Truth be told this is all up in the house of God. Some call the church. And then will sniff your panties searching to find something against you. Then gossip to others about it plunging a knife so deep in your back your not able to move to your  next level because of back stabbing walls now created against you who come in as wolves to assassinate your character now your holy name had  spread through the church like gangrene. Poisoning   the minds of Gods people who now call good evil and evil good. Not realising the blessing God sent was from God to teach them and setting them free. Delivering them from sickness and disease raising Lazarus from the grave. Always seeking a sign. Looking a gift horse that God sent in their face and missing the mark over and over again. Consequently its because they do not what to receive the gift a prideful generation of haters of the gift. Always missing the mark they will never accept who God has chosen. Their nose is so high up in the air instead of smelling their self their to busy smelling someone else backside. Now  they can't come down off their high horse. Twitching their nose as the gifted person that is ordain by God walks by. Do you not know this person is so anointed they will hear because they are in the Father and the Father dwells with them as with the Son and Holy Ghost st. If therefore you reject the gift are you not also rejecting God think about it. Trying to take from the gift that God had bless. What God had ordain He shall maintain. In the other hand haters will never accomplish their gift because  haters  hate and can't notice the blessing is in the gift. Like the alerbaster box it's. The oil was in the box inside a vile then the bike was broken. God's ordain gift is precious  He gave the church. Giving the people what they desire just as in old when they wanted a King and God gave them a King after their heart. The rule still apply God is the same yesterday as He is today. The reason why it's no power in the church is because God gave you a gift that can teach you how to get power instead you kill the power line to the power source and the church still don't have power. You see it's in the plum line. You have to be connected. The church either cut the power line to the power source as they did with Jesus now the church is ever learning with no power because they are to big headed to accept the gift that the giver has given to govern the church. The old crussade their can't be two heads I am the pastor. God always had a informer. Yet you can walk around with adjutants or body guards. Certainly , when it comes to God sending someone to help you out that you did not choose you disqualify them you shall be judge for the slaying of many. Just as they expect a King in Kings clothing with a crown  received a baby in swallowing cloths. And they can't recognise it Satan has blinded their eyes. They are dull of hearing the truth, blind from seeing the truth.  And lamb of walking in truth. Well I just stop by to tell you that the church is corrupt in foolishness and will miss God because they will died trying to destroy the gift God sends. They are angels for these last days and time. God will send forth His angels before that great a terrible day recognize they come in disguised. You believe they are sitting on high when the are the lowest of low. Unnoticed by man unrecognised by many and misunderstood therefor mistreated touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm. Be very careful who you entertain it might be one of God's angels. Your might find yourself fighting against God.

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