Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Your gift is not your own.

Sister and brothers, never take credit in what God have placed in your hands. You know that you did not do the work it was God. Moreover, God gave each of us gifts. The unique contribution you believe you have is just talent. Only God gives gifts, and that was His Son Jesus Christ. It is different. If you had a gift, you would not be selfish if someone came along and used it to give our Heavenly Father glory. God who gave it to you to help another. Maybe you’re not a Christian, and you hate on the person that you feel took something from you. Grow up and know that it is God and not you. As a result, you just might be the kind of person that is a so jealous heart, your try to kill steal and destroy them keeping from their destiny God has given. Go ahead, God is gone to get you, spoil uncircumcised men and women. Not only are you silly, but ungodly. Look at my page full of inspiration, compassion and love, we should be the honor to be on one another's page if it ‘about God's business.
If you notice, I stop looking at some page a long time ago if it grieve my spirit why should I even glance, Watch and pray there are some people out there desire you to use their stuff. So they can come after you. What's the sense of putting it on Facebook? We all have talent and a part of the body we should be able to use what God have given to each person in a Godly way. However many are from the world and desire to sue you thinking you’re getting something out of it. Consequently what you get out of it is pleasing our Father. Without faith in what we do for Him it is impossible to please God. Believe me when I tell you, for one thing, any money we receive at least most of it goes to the homeless. My go-fund page me and my husband put fifteen dollars for the homeless, and that is all in there. God see everything, I am not the one to steal from God. My passion is given, don't believe false clippings of yourself inventory, you are to focus on yourself, possibly a snare to those who help others. Consequently, one who lacks faith? This book will help you develop into the women or man of God He calls you to be. And just maybe He will bless you for being kind. One thing I don't like as a prophet of God when people put you out there as though you are a scum, and it's about money. Why do you post with no name on your pictures? It's a setup, nobody mad but the devil. He is using you, my brother and sister. Consider this, God sees’s your actions, selfish lacquer, and increase. Therefore, it is my pleasure to take some off your wall. You called me a thief, which I am not, you said I do this for money! Apparently you have not read my book then make your evaluation. Tried the Spirit by the Spirit and see if their of the faith. Now you're making accusations of people that do you no harm.
The devil is a liar and the father of lies. So you discredit them. You are dead wrong touch not my anointed do my prophets no harm; my book will sell because it speaks the truth. Certainly you do not think I need your help. You had nothing to do with that. Similarly, it would be an honor for you to take my name off your wall. My writings and what I do for the kingdom of God is for God to get the glory, not you. People lives will be saved, blind eyes will open, and the Lamb will walk. Most of all individuals will have clear understanding how to grow in faith. Do you feed the homeless or are you carnal minded thinking I will make money off of this. Do you not know that the money goes to the homeless?
So for this reason, people will
Buy this book. We walk by faith, not by sight. On the other hand, that is none of your business. However, it is in editing mode. Moreover because of you mindset that picture will come off. God will supply my need, according to his riches in glory. Your willingness to destroy people's lives is evil. I'll keep you in prayer that you would understand and feel people's pain, they only know what it feels to help others. Everything can be beautiful as you would say, and pray everyone to carry the smile of a child, having faith when losing their smile I have hoped it will return.  Consider many people need a Savior, desire for someone to rescue them, from this cruel, cold world. Persons who are uncircumcised and have a serious attitude problem. Yes, I am reading you and don’t know you. I thought you were tender-hearted, maybe in some ways still a lover of money. Who have beguiled you? I come naked and not a shame to you, peers and the Lord. How about you. I am the real deal, and there is nothing fake or counterfeit about me how about you. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Therefore, I write about it. I promote the truth and my reputation and character that is assassinated by your words. And if you ask me to be your friend most likely it was because of something you saw on my wall. Or maybe my following. Ifs selfish when our mindset, this is mine, it’s all about me and come join us. Your name was not on the material, and the material was not yours. As a minister of God also we desire to help bring life in and officiate home goings for them to be with the Lord. Don't hate the player hate the game? It's all about Jesus it not always about you. My father who lives in heaven was a Photographer that's where the picture came. Amen Minister Theresa Maxwell Bless you In His Service.

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