Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bless the Hungry and poor

God bless the hungry and the poor please open up every door to walk struggling family's through to keep children warm this barrow house this just won't do. The truth of the matter none belong there we live in a world some just don't care.  Because of sin know one have to pay.  Mark 14:7 The poor you will always have with you, and you can help with them any time you want. If inevitable that we help whose  heart is open the need to scope to close the door. God said you will not always have me unless you pray bow on your knees. The poor will always be with us send us a angelic host to prepare and feed those weak to their knees they need us. what's next will you boost in what you see or get you hands dirty evangelize  and feed.  Or will you just be have be Ghost now and the be  like angelic host. Now I see you now I don't thought you were a friend you just drop off some cloths at the shelter did you believe that makes it better. It will last for  another day thank you for what you gave. If you were only in my shoes only for one day how would you choose . Would you kill steal or destroy or wait on God to give you a  greater reward . You forgot where you came from. With so much confusion Our minds gives illusion to see things as there really not in the right prospective. Dear God help those mothers who are poor dressing there children in subways barrows sending them to school to receive an education so they won't be as there mother who select to give her body to bodies to make money to feed her kids. Praying to God please  allow it to be another way. They sent my father away to an over crowed jail a two by four bin that similar to hell. So on our knees we pray sent him away out the way so now my fathers lock away to pay.  He only try to make it better he made it worst  he knew no better. We parish because of ignorance this make no sense. Now left on our mothers gribble bed in her mind she must feed her children she is a mother she won't leave her children behind.  In the trash can looking for a helping hand watching DHS please don't separate my children they took my man.Searching yet protecting my girls from the dread of men who rap an attack to get the shack house off my back. It's Been a heavy load to carry that's my home on my back I terry. My son he is only 10 trying to make a score of dirty money to get steak  or just a fresh peace  of homemade cake. It's not easy living in this bin never having a friend to barrow no shame in my game in this condition Just sorry. I still proclaim Jesus name. Devil you can't block me try to stop me took my man and lock him up from helping me and our family. This is a set back you attack I am a fighter I will come back I am encouraged in this condition no weapon can prosper over me the Father the Son lives in me. So  c'mon still pressing on in this barrow house repute you devil your never win. Trying to take my mind still in control God is allowing me to hold on. Trying to find a comb to do my daughters hair. This is above me God seek bowing to my only true friend. We don't have a house living in the street yes were living on God strength. Lord please help me. My Brother they call hussle man but mommy don't want the dirty money again. She wants us to study to be a doctor lawyer a judge to get that money maybe you're be the one take off these street. Dear God bless the  hungry and poor please don't let no more doors slams us in our face. All people look at us like we are a disgrace. Don' even know us they make a fuss when near us the way we dress the way we smell our looks prevail. They don't know how we got here mommy and daddy lost there jobs last year now you judge me now you hate me you don't ever no my name. It's to your shame this where will be for a while. Shelters won"t take us in we are to many they have to break us separate us then we can be tuck in. Now I lose my daddy can someone else be me its not my fault that my family is living in the street. Please don't judge me you don't know my story mom never smile picking bread out the trash cans rats nipping at her hands. Dear God bless the poor please lord open a door tired of wiping myself hard paper hurt cut and burns. Lord this is for real can't pretend go to school follow the golden rule no one knows my story where no fools. We are 
intelligent and hardworking"
clever, bright for now this is our flight. Everybody in this world can't be rich brilliant take a pick quick-witted learn to share with the poor those in dis pare. Selfish world we live in hear is an uptake their to smart to see the poor to canny, no insightful, if God only what the can get they left us behind. There perceptive is riding on a bull machine, or building) able to vary its state or action in response to the poor turn their back no response. No this is not our resume this is a temporary situations, that will past won't last we learning from mommy who is first class. Who knows how to struggle and what it is what it takes now education is the key for your capacity to live experience to know go and grow we live in a world complicated no heart just to score. In this life you must be a computer terminal to win this fight. This incorporating world with bombs nuclear buttons microprocessor yet having its sorrows processing the poor lives all around your  next door neighbor could have them. It's life lessons capabilities is an escape goat  to deliver me. Bring on me property. When I get there I pull people up in victory. Having no fear in being all God design you to be. We sometime learn the hard way experience our best teacher in this cold world made my heart warm for people who knew the struggle kept out of trouble don't judge me you don't know me dear God bless the hungry and the poor. Show us your way before we find ourselves dressing in the barrow of the homeless you never know if your found there. That's a fact.

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