Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Slavery Women

God has been dealing with me to bring sister's together. Having the same mindset. Inspiring sister's  and encouraging sisters in what ever state they may find theirselves in. 

United we stand divided we fall. In ever area of life that's where will meet you. Whatever bondage you find yourself in will meet you there. If your homeless we shall meet you. If your in a Chains need  that's where will meet you. If your broken that's where will meet you. Building each other up in our weaknesses.  

Will be developing sisters to fight with their minds. How to. Utilize our mind of how to be virtuous women of God.  Building strong women to handle any situation that they may encounter. Building strong mind and strong women to walk in humility. Virtuous women with my one mind, 

Building an  empire a virtuous women. As the revolutionize their minds. Becoming strong will sisters being able to stand for the kingdom of God. Strong mind and strong willed sisters. sisters whose will is strong. 

We are going to revolutionize this movement of sisters with one mind.

We will deal with abused women weak women revolutionizing they are mind into strong virtuous women. 

Sister's with one mind will lift up and inspire women in all nationality to walk together. As we will march. 

 Sisters with one mind will not just be any type of ministry we will revolutionize together as one voice in America.

As we gather to support and encourage one another and revolutionize building us up in mind body and soul.

We shall overcome from the  isolated minds in homes we no longer call home. We shall overcome from being violated and sexually abused by men who have no conscious or moral standard. We shall overcome by being treated as though we are a  second hand citizen. We shall over come fro being wives and not being able to have freedom of speech. We shall overcome of being raped by u bled brother fathers unconsciousness deprive our memory bank until we are old enough to remember it. We shall over come from being enslave by uncles and brother in the work place, We shall overcome from being a secondhand to man who feel as though the woman's job is to be barefoot and pregnant. We shall overcome from being violated by fathers by Uncal's by brothers keeping us in slavery who's mind enslave women all the back arcala ancestors.

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