Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Having a Clear Conscious

Having a Clear Conscious
Having a clear conscious of God is being different than others who walk in an unconscious state. It is being aware and responding to God in consistency. You are awakened by the Word of God which is alive. As we grow, we are walking in a conscious state knowing who God is.  That is when maturity starts to development in the likeness of what we are aware of. When we walk by faith knowing the truth we are set free from a darkened world. In this world, I have found out that it’s a choice to live in a conscious state and succeed in life than be a failure. Having no developed or skill limits us in life on our success. If we continue, to learn and be conscious of what we do in life.  We are more likely to succeed.
However being unconscious means not to perceive at the level of awareness in knowing who you are and what you’re able to be or not to be. We have studied and applied the truth to what we are consciously learned we must utilize the utensils God have given mankind every opportunity in life. To start over in our failures. Everything we need is in our minds to develop in learning in what we desire to know.  We must stay in this conscious state. A state of deep unconsciousness will lead to a weak person.
And as time prolonged you will awaken to a place you do not want to be. The unconscious state of an indefinite period calls a deep sleep. Living in darkness is walking in unconsciousness. You are not able to understand a particular question. Finding it hard to bake a simple cake requires a conscious state. 
It may have been your circle of friends. Or indulging in illegal drugs. When you allow something to occupy your mind, you are in an unconscious state. Often will deny the truth in this unconscious state. However, when we are conscious, this verifies that we not only know what were put in our minds by books and studying.  Study and apply what we learned. The main idea is to consider carefully. What we have studied will be rewarded for our knowledge. If not the consequences may be very severe.
Some of us have aborted our destiny by using drugs or other substance that took time away from us. Time can be the key to seeing the things that we are met to be. It’s not too pleasing sometimes unkind. Time used wisely give peace of mind. Knowing the truth that sets us free. A conscious state will cause us to live independently and a life of prosperity and good health. If we continue in an unconscious state, we abort our destiny to be someone that can make a difference in this world. We could be the next Mayor or President of the United States there are no limits.

We could be book writer or Journalist. In closing don’t abort or miscarried your destiny. I know because this has happened to me. However thanking God that it is never too late to pick up the pieces to life. And fix whatever in life that became broken. What matters the most is you never allowed your unconscious state to keep you down. Picking up the pieces to life is the first step to success. Good luck on your journey and I pray that you will succeed in all that God has promised.

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