Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Friday, February 24, 2017

The power of Gods Word

I hear the Lord saying Satan no longer walks beside you he walks behind you. Get ye behind me Satan the Lord rebukes you. He no longer has authority over your life he have to ask for Gods permission to bother you. It's not that he is obedient to God if he was he wouldn't have been  kicked out of heaven. Satan reason in 

himself why ? The first thing he knows  he has Limited rights he also knows he has limited space to invade your privacy he is not Omnipotent, Powerful he is no Omniscient all knowing he is not Omnipresent can be at all places at all times now that's 💥 powerful.  He will often try to find ways to interrupt your relationship with  God. You ever notice when you're in prayer the phone rings a family member died or somebody is at your front doors. Baby crying kids out of control. Satan is powerless .  He used people places and things to distract you. That's why he is call the father of lies. He is a false representative of truth. He tries to imitate God the true and living God. We must come correct the devil gets upset because of who we represent. You know it's the devil he is rude obnoxious loved to interrupt when you are talking to God or doing His will. Your intimate relationship with God disturbs Satan. However God is controlling in a loving way. He  has the whole world in his hands. God is the only one capable to destroy Satanic rituals that Satan produces. We have watch and pray. He is actually fearful of God and he could not bear to look at us because of the light in us  blinding His eyes . The only thing he can see is the God in you and the God in me. If we show love ❤️ to those we come in contact with. God living in us and breathing in us showing us off to the world that we are God created nation raise up by Hod in us saturated and the blood of Christ and when he looks at us he did not see us he sees God in us. Well we are not our own we are a picture frame of Jesus Chris living and breathing in this life. He knows The way we take we belong to God . In the Word of God He says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. Jesus lives in us we are His children carrying the anointing Word of God.  Bathing wash in Bis blood.  We live by God's standard not our own,  Whatever the Word say we try our best to be true to God by Bis Word. God does not have to repeat Himself in His Word It is only counter phase. And it's the anointing that destroys yokes. It is for God we live and it is for God we die. God shirrs up in us to love ❤️ one another.Bless is that man who eat these Words that He will know no matter what the weapon it is finish by the saving grace of His Word.

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