Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Everlasting Love

 Everlasting love is agape that see’s beyond the external; it is not material. Eternal love is perpetual loves that fly through the twilights in the ski it will never despise. Surpassing the universe, the clouds and stars above. Its luminous sphere of plasma held together by its gravity in the palm of Gods' hand has no enemy it is God in me the unity of the Father Son and Holy Ghost.
    God, the nearest star to Earth, is the Son that shines on and reigns down on us. Visible to the naked eye by faith it survives there is no surprise it is luminous sphere holding mankind together by its breath it gravity which is love. Nearest to the Son to Earth is the Son of man. Visible speaking to our souls. Appearing, in God's heart and mind, having His mind fixed in a multitude of sinners now winners luminous in the sky as a host of stars, the seed of Abraham victory is our name we now proclaim that Jesus Christ reigns everlasting.

    None can compare to this love the world full of hatred invaded with accusers. Never wanting to take the blame but shift to Adams shame to Eve the women gave to me. Love never condemns change you see. Agape love is not the human error in this global man who never known this love which is not like a man. Man cannot describe nor rectify it had to come from one man Jesus Christ capitalize squash the punishment that causes a man to quit. Will never quit we are Gods elect to capitalize on that.
    You cannot antagonize nor intimidate me Jesus paid the way He is here to stay in me. Escape the formality I am set free, winners not the same as once who sin. I am a sinner yet to repent still win, we put a handle on the crime, Can you take care of it is not bewitching as some are but power from God who gives all. You cannot antagonizes me my mind is in the three Father Son, Holy Ghost. Soul now has the authority to tear down and buildup. Jesus lives in me everlasting, lasting. Get over it you will never win with the power in me through me all around me. It is God, and your arms are too short to a box. Can you handle it everlasting to lasting get over it and come on the side that wins? Not the blind side of it real nothing fake everlasting to lasting are you still the blind leading people blind. Everlasting has set us free, down on our knees can you handle that capsized on that we are free never to play the shifting game you know the one it was not me it was you. No looking at the one the mirror beholds. Everlasting life, love it is God.
   Certainly, God who loves is true, not fake everlasting there is no end to this love can be your only friend in Jesus who is the true vine eternal love comes with a price.  Felt this love agape which is true, real this love only comes from God. Man cannot articulate, nor feel the stimulation of this love.
    Everlasting to lasting holds tomorrow no wrong against man, woman or child; that's love everlasting love. . Love came down step into a mortal body and bleed and died for you and I. Bound to die for you and I that's love everlasting love. We cannot forget who took our sin and placed it on His body. Eternal love holds no fault it always wakes with a song on the heart.  Everlasting love sees no faults beyond the wall and set no boundaries everlasting; its heart is kind never to stir up strife love has eyes made up of God. Love is God; His character displays through man, and creation above. Spare the rod raises the child it takes a village to raise up a child, to remember what it means to love. Love has no sisters nor shift the blame. Neither does love play silly games. Its truth discovers more of a person's heart yes this is love everlasting love.


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