Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, July 16, 2015

abomination of the world's testicles is swelling

The , world is in labor, now having contractions.  Many diseases can be painful with different episodes. Those who experience some of these diseases would roll on the ground in excruciating pain in BC and AD age. There was no medicine no cure that was invented to stop the pain. However, people were also demonized because of this severe pain. Epilepsy and other seizures to make people shake.  
Could you imagine how it would have been if Jesus did not come into the world? We can see the world coming to its doom. The end of its chapter is finally at the closing of its pages. Remember those calamities at the beginning of time was the abomination above all else.  God send His Son into a dying world, there was so much Abomination that enter into the world God repented Him made a man. On the contrary, God is gone to end it because of abomination again. Although Jesus came to save of from sin, God always ends the world because of abomination. However, it is forgiven if one repents and we love all people. God hates evil.  For the most part, Sexual sins of any kind are considered abominations" to the Lord. On the other hand, these abominations after various kinds of sexual activities apart from marriage. Abomination" only refers to something the Lord "hates. Each time something was done that God hates, He eventually destroys and makes it over again. There will be a new heaven and earth. His people he pours into to tell and know him. Although God's ways are not like our ways, will never understand why God one day lifts up and another He tear down, God hates abomination, God continues to make us over again. He is the potter we are clay.  
While the world is having contractions, it is about to give birth. Those who are born again shall be set apart, the sheep from the goats. They are after birth to be throw away. The world now experiences birth pangs; many shall be throw in the fire and kill. Many are in disbelief and want to continue in casual sex and things that are the abomination to God. You who take my word and pass laws against it. The wrath of God is upon you.  Sodom and Gomorrah. Even in Noah time when disbelief was a factor many died because of abomination. Indeed, these afflictions will come upon us because of abominations when you're having casual sex and in that day eating and drinking and doing which is the abomination to God. Surely you see my anger kinder say the Lord, in the Earth with thunder and lightning. Can you not hear me speaking? The heat can you not feel my fire. Even the creatures know that I am soon to come. May you not be in my way for time is standing still for the elect? Do you not fear me, are you not afraid, and was it not I that made you or do you believe you made yourself. You are, but clay in my hands do you know that I am a consuming fire. Watch and pray for the time is at hand. No one knows the day or hour, but for the signs you surely know I am at the door. 
Be still and know that I am He who has sent thee. God intend for men and women to multiply and flourish when married, male and female to be a spouse. Unquestioningly we must, worship God in Spirit and Truth. Mary Magdalene said that I was once, demon possessed. Suffered both in mind and body, and so shall it come upon you. You will not know your sons and daughters will be demon process will you allow him to enter into your mind also after I have sent my spirit to occupy strength in you. Are you so weak that you continue to fight with man-made swords and not with my sword the Word of God? My people perish for lack of knowledge, those who lose strength when allowing Satan to enter into the mind. Know this for sure, time is coming upon you swiftly, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. The world end by the flood and so it will end by fire.  For the time is at hand to get your house in order. Your children and grandchildren you sisters and your brothers. Jesus must come to save us once again from the abomination that has entered into the world once again. The climate is upon us watch and pray!

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