Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Diary of a Christian
“My heart started racing faster as I entered the room.” James and Glory embracing each other. Racing through my mind years of putting him through bible school. That’s when I went to the drawer where James kept the gun. Glory running aimlessly down the narrow hallway. I cock the gun each time pullback the trigger the impact of the power from the gun clinch into my body. The smell of gun power filter the air. The bullet penetrated in the body of James it also penetrated into the mind of this Christian. Each time pulling the trigger there was a jerk surely I thought this gun was too powerful for me to handle. The rage in my mind overpower every scripture even the morals that was left in me.  The last time I cock the gun it was the last time I seen the light of day for a long time. Each fire went into James body. Finding myself in and out of consciousness hitting my head on the banister that lead to a deep unconsciousness slipping in my despair. Entering into the third heaven seeing as my unconscious mind lead me. Seeing my life and James come to a sudden end. It all started when I said to James, can we talk. 

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