Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lust of Dissidence

The Lust of Dissidence state of disagreement and disharmony happens when we long for and desire something so much that we will kill a person spirit, destroy families and steal their identity.  It showed a desperate fight so real as to utterly obscure the underlying clash of conflicting ideal. There is an old saying can’t we all get along.  We can us, I’ve found in the church of the living God there is more clashes we fight over the tiniest things. When we of all people should know better. . The truth of the matter we have to learn to put that desire underneath our feet and have self-control over our minds not to attempt to do anything contrary to Gods Word. We say we are friends of God and not friends to each other however when promotion come we began to hate on one another instead of rejoicing and being glad. When we allow this to enter the doors we allow evil obscure things to enter in.  We are not always doing the most business, when we seem to be the busiest. We may think we are truly busy when we are really only restless, and a little studied retirement would greatly enrich our returns. We are great only as we are God-possessed." We have all noticed the loneliness of some men in the ministry. If it is the loneliness of self-esteem and self-seclusion and an aloofness of isolation it may be disruptive. Every true man of GOD is lonely in the crowd as he moves in the realm of eternal values and dispenses spiritual truth. The loneliness is so intense for some that they find a weight of spirit which tempts them to break away from life. Again, such aloofness may be born of timidity of spirit, afraid to venture lest sensitiveness is bruised. A few miss the change of ministry leading to enlarged growth in grace because of the limits of missing the wider fellowship. A man should not work alone. There is an appetite which is growing rapidly in the church along with lecherousness. Longing desire or eagerness to possess something that does not belong to you. It is concupiscence which is a carnal appetite for a man or women that is not and will never be yours. An evil desire, indwelling in the lions of a person. That person thinks and believes with their flesh that the person desire is there and the mind overpower there thinking process and now they actually believe that what the devil planted in their minds is true. Which is actually a lie. Many pastors have been caught up in this lie from women in their church. The first thing your eyes are looking at something that you cannot gain control of. It is an appetite which fulfills the carnal mind and the daydream pleasures longing for something that cannot be yours. This Spirit has destroy marriages, congregations, families and friendship that was not supposed to go beyond the friendship. We all have innate tendency of Human beings to long for fleshly appetites, often associated with a desire to do things which we should learn to die to our fleshly appetites. It is a deluded mindset that comes in the form of light when it is an evil darkness that evades this light and dims it light a bulb that slowly goes out.  It destroys marriages as the light goes out in family’s marriage and relationship. Congregations has failed and because we have allow it to invade our churches many Pastors and Ministers have died an early death. Many times it is the opposite sex that attract you to the person. You really don’t want the person that you’re lusting over it is the arrangement of the person that He or she is marriage to. What she might be wearing or even the jewelry she might have on or the car she might be driving. Paul is not alone in pointing out that the lustful lifestyle is characteristic of lost humanity. Peter concurs, and exhorts his readers to quit living as they did before they received Christ. He points out that lust is evidence of a pagan lifestyle 1 Peter 4:3 Also, according to Peter, lustful desires (not necessarily just sexual desires, but desiring anything more than one desires God) are a basic motivation inherent in human sinful nature 2 Peter 2:18. It is obvious from John's writings that our lusts do not come from God but from the world. However, we are reminded by John that the world and its desires (lusts) pass away, whereas "the man who does the will of God lives forever" 1 John 2:16-17. Here we see that our lusts are in direct violation of God's perfect will, because they usually are misdirected, moving and leading us away from God to our own selfish desires. Intense sexual desire. An overwhelming desire or craving. A strong craving or desire, often of a sexual nature. Though used relatively infrequently (twenty-nine times) in Scripture, a common theme can be seen running through its occurrences. The word is never used in a positive context; rather, it is always seen in a negative light, relating primarily either to a strong desire for sexual immorality or idolatrous worship. In secular literature, the word indicates only a strong desire and can carry either good or bad connotations. The Greek word epithymia In the Old Testament, the word is primarily used to describe idolatrous activities, although it does have sexual concerns in at least two instances Disagreement, as of opinion or belief; dissent. God's impending punishment on those with such a strong, all-encompassing desire for inordinate affections. The lust involved in the realm of idolatry involves Israel's strong desire to be like other nations, who worship their gods of wood and metal. The language of Job is especially potent in regard to sexual immorality. Job is kept from looking "lustfully at a girl" because he knows that God's plan is "ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong." In the other Old Testament instances, the meaning clearly displays an idolatrous relationship, primarily Israel's desire to be like her surrounding neighbors. Leviticus 10: 3 Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that the LORD Spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. And Aaron held his peace.

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