Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sustaining Strengths

There are many obstacles we face as ministers of the gospel. We have to humble ourselves as well as summit to others even if they are wrong but love them to be right. When I talk about loving in doing right. This means in spite of how they treat me still love them. Allow your light that man may see your good works. Not the works of the flesh but the works of the heart. The Specter of Professionalism being able to go through the motions of ministry but your heart isn't in it. Is a heart issue your heart must first love God and then you will have love and compassion for the people of God. Your heart have to be in the heart of Gods will for your life and the life of others. Allowing the Spirit of Jesus Christ to work for you that you may be complete in Christ unto the day He comes. We have to allow the Word of God to bereave in the very lions of our mind body and soul.  Until it manifest the presents of God. We must be able to articulate the Word of that people we understand the God that we serve is loving and forgiving. God love shines so brightly in us that others may want what they see in you and I. We all desire to be use by God having a craving for God gives us the will to do as Jesus done on this earth. Just to know that our God is please with us is far better than richest or anything this world can ever give.  To belong to someone like God gave us His Son that none will never will be called a bastard when they are in connection with the body of Christ. In the Old Testament the rendering of the Hebrew word mamzer’, which means "polluted." In Deuteronomy 23:2 , it occurs in the ordinary sense of illegitimate offspring. In Zechariah 9:6 , the word is used in the sense of foreigner. From the history of Jephthah we learn that there were bastard offspring among the Jews (Judges 11:1-7 ). In Hebrews 12:8 , the word (Gr. nothoi) is used in its ordinary sense, and denotes those who do not share the privileges of God's children. Now that we all have the share privileges and equipment that God has given us for this army we must go into the world and spread this goods.  Jesus, who died on the Christ. However concerning the body we as Christians need to exercise the activity requiring physical effort, carried out. Especially to sustaining our strengths to improve health and fitness profits as we receive the financial gain.  In Christ, there is especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in your intimacy with God in Christ.  Operating, or producing something that God has place in us in the faith that is establish in the amount of the size to carried out the physical strengths that are attain through the knowledge of God through Christ Jesus. Often used to convey an appealing diminutiveness or express an affectionate or condescending attitude in such a time and period of time: but used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been which godliness is. So godliness can be defined as devotion to God, which results in life that is pleasing to him. Enoch walked with God, and Enoch pleased God. His walk with God speaks of his relationship with God, Our devotion to God; his pleasing God speaks of the behavior that arose from that relationship to the Holy Ghost. 

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