Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Armed And Extremely Dangerous

Putting Fuel On The Fire

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pouring into people lives

God wants to pour himself into man., however in order for him to pour into us we must first say yes to his will. There needs to be a emptying out of one’s self in order for God to pour something as holy as him into us. The key is to pour into each other. When people pour into us pride comes out, self-pity comes out everything that is negative have a tendency to come out. You cannot put new wine into old wine skins it cannot contain it so it gives way and bust. Something comes out when other people pour positive energy into a person. We all need this to accomplish what it is to reach our destiny in this lifetime. However, we must understand what is poured into us. It is good to know the character of the person who is pouring into your life. If it is a family member most likely, it is positive pouring. Nine times of ten there is gone to be a positive result from it. When one is pouring into the right, person or thing there is something that will produce from it. We pour into our children and expect something from them because of the pouring. If you pour, water into a glass the glass is no longer empty. However if we do not pour anything into the glass it shall remain empty and if it is empty it is useless. The truth of the matter is we all need to pour love and knowledge in each other. God said my people parish for lack of knowledge. In order for us to see growth in a child a parent have to pour something in that child seeing the potential that will occur from the pouring is such a blessing. Many have poured tears from the death of a love one or the lost of a husband or wife. Our hearts felt their sadness as they pour out what they felt attaching itself to the breastplate of our hearts. Gathering the segments of their life we are now that filled glass that have inhale all that was in them poured out on us and now we are fill with their water. We feel what they feel because of what they pour out to you and I. Now we again have to take the time and pour into them comforting them encouraging them. If we could take the time and pour into people that we believe in not only will it benefit them it will also benefit others. Men die only because they refuse to allow someone to pour into them. This is an absolute direction to a certain end.  God so willingly pour his Spirit in us that we may do the work of his ministry and the greatest commandment to love one another. However, without the Spirit of God we are empty vessels useless to God man, and ourselves. Having not the capacity to hold anything God sent his Holy Spirit pouring truth in us. Once empty now filled with the knowledge of him. We must continue to pour in and pour out what was freely pour out for us. Filling someone else's cup as Christ has filled ours. Helping them reach the shelf of their life that is not reachable for them right now. We all can reach the destiny that God have given to each one of us to reach. Pouring in and out, we come one in the body of Christ. We stand strong when we pour in and out of each other if not, division has a tendency to creep in the cracks of our hearts. We all need someone to hold us up and pour into the cup of our heart We all need each other, pouring into what is positive that we may override all negativity that have generated in us from the time we enter into this dying world.

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